1. Always use wooden furniture and avoid using metal beds or sofas.
2. Sleep with your head in east or south direction and avoid west or north.
3. Do not buy a house that has a kitchen in north east and toilet in south west.
4. Make sure that middle portion of your house is open so that air and energy can flow in. Also do not place heavy objects in north or east direction and keep it open.
5. Never keep telephone and water in proximity.
6. Use light curtains in the house.

1. Chant mantras and wear gems according to your birth chart.
2. Certain gems should never be worn in combination. For example never wear ruby and blue sapphire or diamond and yellow sapphire together.
3. Color is important - while selecting clothes choose color that match your birth chart.
4. Certain mantras should never be chanted together. For example do not chant mantras for Jupiter and Venus together.
5. If you are advised to wear a gem make sure that the gem touches your finger (except diamond). Also while selecting gem make sure that it does not have any black spots, discoloration or chips. Quality and weight of gem is very important to get desired effect.