1. What information is required for astrological consultation with Dr. Jha?
For making horoscope we request that you provide your date, time and place of birth. In case your place of birth happens to be a small town or village that we might not be able to locate on a map, please provide information on closest big city.

2. What if date, time and place of birth is not known or some information is missing?
In case of missing information we can create a horoscope based on your looks and personality profile. Your personality is influenced by the planetary position at your birth and by asking you a few behavioral questions Dr. Jha can create a horoscope.

3. What kind of therapies do we suggest?
We suggest either one or combination of the following therapies: Mantras, Gem, Yantras, Color, Pooja and Mala.

4. What is the science behind astrology?
Astrology is purely scientific and is based on planetary movement (astronomy), the effect that various planet produce on earth (day and night, tides etc.), and the influence of various planets on human being. The science of Vedic astrology identifies an individuals personality, well being and life events based on the planetary position when he or she was born.

5. What are the effects of various planets?
Each planet influences a human being in a certain way. For example:
Sun - is source of life. The position of Sun in birth chart determines energy, virility, longevity, strength of a person.
Moon - controls mind. The position on Moon in birth chart impacts mental status, thinking and memory of a person. If afflicted cause Angina Pectoris.
Mars - is electricity generator for heart. The position of Mars in birth chart impacts grip, determination, spine, bone marrow of a person. If afflicted causes bone related problems, cervical and lumber Spondylitis and problems related to menstrual cycle.
Mercury - impacts lungs, skin, and reasoning of a person. If afflicted causes skin disease and allergies.
Jupiter - determines truthfulness, education and justice. The position of Jupiter in birth chart determines memory, retention, reproduction. If afflicted causes problem with child birth.
Venus - determines physical beauty, hair, and material pleasures. It impacts the water in persons body and production of sperm in male. If afflicted causes venereal disease and aids.
Saturn - determines a persons trade. It balances iron in the body. If afflicted can cause Gas, Rheumatism, Rheumatic Arthritis, Parkinson etc.